Francis the Witch

Being a witch, Francis has loved to fly ever since she was a little ginger kitten. The problem is that she isn't the steadiest navigator, leaving her travel companion, Beans, a permanent shade of green! He tolerates her bumpy rides because she made him a miniature hat to match her own and it makes him feel magical.

Francis stands at approximately 27cm tall (including hat). Her poseable body is made from soft foam covered in hand dyed fabric.  Her face is sculpted in polymer clay and is hand painted. It attaches to the back of her head with magnets so it can be removed to access a switch to light up her eyes. 


She wears a dress with a black velvet bodice and purple irridescent skirt. The dress has a green ribbon detail at the front and laces up with a matching ribbon at the back. Her pointy hat is dressed with a large bow and is decorated in gold stars and a crescent moon.

Her custom made broom and companion Beans the frog are made by sculptor Nathan Flynn - 




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