The Pumpkin Princess

The Pumpkin Princess is guardian of the Moon Whiskers pumpkin patch. She is inseperable from her pet orb spider, Leonardo, who she found wrapped up in a pumpkin leaf one blustery Autumn day. Now he helps her tend to the pumpkins so that every cat can carve a jack-o-lantern on Halloween.

The Pumpkin Princess stands at approximately 25cm tall. Her poseable body is made from soft foam covered in hand dyed fabric.  Her face is sculpted in polymer clay and is hand painted. It attaches to the back of her head with magnets so it can be removed to access a switch to light up her eyes. 


She wears an elaborate gown made of hand dyed silk, tulle and gold lame. It is decorated with a large orange velvet bow and tiny 'pumpkin' pom poms to match her pumpkin crown. Her look is completed with a gold lame collar, inspired by Elizabethan fashion.

Her spider, Leonardo, is handmade using thread, wire and beads. He can always be found at the Pumpkin Princess' side on a little gold leash.




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